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Alex Tyson Horsemanship

Show Team

Alex has a very specific system which she calls, " Ride in the Right Order" which trains up riders in a specific, progressive way that leads to long term results. This system has resulted in students being very successful in a multitude of disciplines, and makes discipline switches easier, quicker, and set up the rider for lifelong success. While we are proud of all of our students accomplishments no matter the levels, here are some of the ones that have been able to impress on a national stage, and have been trained up by Alex since the beginning of their riding career. 

Sara Brendle and Latest Flame

TOP Jr. Trainer in Barrel Racing at the 2023 TB Makeover in Lexington, KY
7th Overall
- Trained by Alex Tyson since she was a walk-trot rider.

2023 Central Zones Youth Novice B Champion
2022 Eastern Zones Youth Novice B Champion
2021 Region 5 Champion Novice A Youth 
2020 and 2021 Top overall Youth Rider in  USAWE/ WEUnited-
Trained from her first lesson with Alex Tyson since 6 1/2

Annaliese Rowe


2020 We United National #1 Quarter Horse

Owned by Shannon Rowe

#2  2020 We United National Novice A youth Rider Katie Guscar

2019 We United Nationals 5th overall Youth Novice A

Katie Guscar and Gospel Lyrics

2020 #1 We United National Youth Introductory High Point rider

Annaliese Rowe


Our Team members show the Region 5 USAWE (USA Working Equitation) shows. Our students are also regulars at barrel races, speed shoes, and competitive trail events. We also attend schooling and open shows for those just starting to show, as well as to diversify our riding as much as possible!

Championships are won... but most importantly horseman are made!

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