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Want to Learn About Working Equitation?

Contact us to book a clinic Today!

Clinics are a great way to get introduced to the exciting sport of Working Equitation. Alex Tyson Horsemanship is an affiliate association of USAWE and Alex is an accomplished Pro at the sport. 

Our Intro clinics bring the obstacles to you and focuses on how to navigate them safely as well as make your horse 100% comfortable with them. From there we go over the finer points of the sport and what the judges are looking for. 

Everyone can benefit from this clinic whether they wish to compete or not. 

This clinic format works best for groups 15 and under who are independent riders at least the walk and trot. Knowledge of a sidepass will make obstacles easier but we can teach you how! 

- Also available for groundwork connection clinics, TB restart clinics, and general horsemanship clinics. 

Contact 248-245-9850 to book today!

Alex helps a horse and rider team get comfortable with the gate obstacle. 
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Top right: Alex Walks the drum obstacle to demonstrate correct bend. Above: Having a header when introducing the garrocha pole increases relaxion in the horse, leading to better, quicker outcomes. Bottom Right: Focused individualized attention. 

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