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We Believe

By defining very clearly different  skill levels and what is required at each level, we can ward off against potential problems in the horse-human relationship


To blend classical riding with natural horsemanship techniques


To help people better care for, understand, and ride their horse through proper education of horse behavior and equitation. We believe that rider/handler error is the cause of many horse behavior problems, and thus seek to fix the issue at the source the rider/handler. 

Training and Education Highlights

In addition to her students accomplishments, Alex herself has:

- 2022  USAWE Eastern Zones Reserve Champion

-2022 MI Open Mustang Show Reserve Champion

-2022 Cross Nations Cup Champion

-2021 Top 3 RRP Megamakeover, Competitive Trail

-2021 USAWE Region 5 Reserve Regional Champion

- 2019 WE United #2 American Rider, horse, and horse and rider combo at Novice B

- 2018 TCA award winner in Ranch work at RRP Thoroughbred makeover, 14th overall

-2013 Showme Holiday Showdown Bridleless Freestyle Winner

-2010 NBHA Youth Worlds Qualifier and Competitor

RBH_0943 5x7 319.JPG
_Q4A4490 copy 7-15-2022 4x6 - e-file for purchase.jpg

2022 Eastern Zones Reserve Champion
Alex Tyson and Chex My Loaded Gun 
2021 Megamakeover Top 3 Competitive Trai
Alex Tyson and Dantu
2021 USAWE Regional Reserve Champion Alex Tyson and Chex My Loaded Gun
2022 Cross Nations Cup Champion- Alex Tyson and Kiger Zapata KCA
2022 MI Open Mustang Show Reserve Champion
Alex Tyson and Mustang Fray

2018 Throughbred Makeover TCA Award for Ranch Work

Gold Room Scotty, a big 16.2 Throughbred Gelding was the highest placed horse in the Ranch Class that was aquired Through a TCA Aftercare association, Thus earning the TCA award. "Scotty": was aquired through MI Canter. Scotty ended up 14th overall in the 63 horse class.

CHA Instructor

Instructors undergo a rigorous testing process with an emphasis on safety and their ability to manage a group of riders. Instructors must engage in continuing education to remain certified. 

Ken McNabbApprentiship Program Graduate.

Participants learn directly from Ken at the Powerhorn Ranch in Douglass Wyoming.

Graduate of the Western Dressage Association of America's " Train the Trainer's Clinic."   Equine professionals were instructed by the association, about what the judging standards and desired movements are for Western Dressage. This program was completed in Raleigh NC, 2014. 

Bridleless Freestyle

2013 Showme Holiday Showdown Bridleless Freestyle Winner


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