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Many Runaway Horses 

Stories of Almost Dying Horseback 

Looking back on her reckless youth C.H.A. Horseback riding instructor Alex Tyson recounts her whimsical, zany, and adventure filled childhood that was all about horses. At the barn all day every day, Alex was fortunate enough to ride most of the horses at a huge boarding stable, but naïve enough to get into lots of trouble. Follow along, as Alex's guardian angel most definitely did, on tales of high speed misfortune:

  • Nearly avoiding a horse-vehicle collision

  • Not avoiding a horse on horse wreck

  • Using rearing horses to scare away boys

  • Making a judge laugh at a horse show

Plus many more!

Alex has also added insights now as a riding instructor on what could have been done to avoid or improve the some of the situations with older wisdom.
Experience the lessons and fun of horse crazy antics, while perhaps learning something along the way!

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