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Our Mustangs

Salva Una Vida aka "Fray"

Fray came to us through the TIP program as a newly handled Mustang. Fray spent 1 year in the wild, coming from Nevada Wild Horse Range, and 5 years in holding pens! She was mostly passed up because she is a stout, short, 13.2 hh! Full of personality, quirks, and bravery, Fray has found her way into the lesson program and is shown in Working Equitation as a youth horse!

Ecclesiastes aka "Janie"

Janie is from the Snowstorm Mountains of Nevada. Janie spent three years in the wild, and then about a year in holding pens. She originally apart of the 2020 KY mustang makeover, and through a series of events that led to the discovery she is blind in one eye, she joined our herd! Janie is Alex's personal horse and she hopes to inspire others as she makes her way toward competitive working equitation. 

Your Mustnag!

Available for gentling and saddle training mustangs!

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