Get a Leg-up over the competition and show with us!

Horse showing is a way to showcase the skills you have learned as a rider, as well as improve upon those skills by being able to function under pressure. Riders first start out their showing education by attending local open shows, and then progressing up to jumping or dressage schooling shows and finally rated shows. Most of our showing that students do on our school horses focuses on the English Riding discipline but we also regularly attend MBRA and NBHA shows for clients that have their own barrel horses.

Some Students enjoy the occasional show to hang out with other barn members and see where they stack up against the competition. For others this is their sport. Students who are the most successful at showing usually take 2-3 lessons a week and/or lease out a horse so that they can ride more often.  

Barn Minions

Students also get the opportunity to be "Barn Minions" or barn workers and help out around the farm. This is a great way for kids to gain independence and confidence around horses as well as gaining pride for being responsible for some farm tasks. Minimum criteria to be a "barn minion" is the student needs to be at least 12 years of age and able to walk, trot, and canter without stirrups. 

Current 2016 Show Team

Teryn Sehl

Emily Biddix

Meagan Zapf

Abbey Smith

Jenna Lindsey

Maddie Strong

Jillian Strong

Rhi Sehl


Emily  Biddix and Coconut  2' jumpers